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Our Passion is in Helping You Deliver Better Experiences for Your Customers and Employees

Commercial cleaning and janitorial services is seldom thought of as glamorous.  However, our passion is in helping our clients solve problems and provide better experiences for their customers and employees.  We do this through beautifying spaces, improving health & safety, and allowing for more time to focus on what matters most to you.

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We Don't Just See Ourselves as a Cleaning Company - We See Ourselves as an Extension of Your Organization 

At its most basic level, we clean commercial properties.  However, in our over 30 years in business we have learned that we are so much more.  We keep mothers, husbands, brothers, or grandmothers from getting sick or injured at work.  We help you impress your largest customer as they walk into a sparkling lobby.  We save you from having your kitchen staff stay late to clean the kitchen after an already long shift.  Your  problems are our problems, your successes are our successes, your goals are our goals. 


We understand that when you choose a vendor, you are expecting that they handle all aspects of that service.  Every day we are contacted by potential customers who have lost the peace of mind from not knowing whether cleaning was done the night before or whether a project is going to meet established deadlines.  Everything we do is designed to deliver consistent service so you can focus on running your business.


Over 30 years experience serving businesses of all types and sizes

Professional Expertise

Professionally trained staff in accordance with industry standards

Guaranteed Quality

Established quality assurance processes that boast <1% defect rate

Personal Service

Local attention that is backed by fast and efficient response




We believe that through hard work anything is possible


We strive to go above and beyond what's expected


We view our work through the eyes of our customer


We believe in teamwork, respect, and integrity


We hold ourselves and others accountable for results, actions, and behaviors

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